The Coolest Motorcycle Accessories You Should Grab

Motorcycle accessories make the riding experience more fun for riders. As a rider, you are advised to pick accessories that will make you feel safe and comfortable when riding. Here are some of the coolest motorcycle accessories that You should consider grabbing for your ride.

Headwave Tag

This will turn your helmet into a great sound system as you ride. Your lid’s shell will act as a soundboard for the Headwave. Headwave has Bluetooth connectivity, one-button operation, and an internal battery.

Photochromic Shield

Photochromic technology is used in eyeglasses to protect people from the sun. This technology is now being used in helmets to protect riders from the sun. A photochromic shield offers protection to riders by going dark when hit by sunlight.


Visibility on the road is a very important issue that every rider should have in mind. As a rider, it is important to have a reflector on your motorcycle. This will enable people to easily see you at night. You should try having reflective plates on your motorcycle to serve this purpose. It is also advisable to use reflective tape on some parts of your motorcycle. You can also buy a reflective jacket. These reflective items will make you visible to other drivers during the night.

Sports Action Camera

As you whizz or cruise around, capturing the happenings around you can be really cool. There are a host of action cameras now available for mounting on your bike. Grabbing one of these would definitely make your adventure more enjoyable.

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